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For fans of Danzig, Misfits, or Black Flag’s Henry Rollins, surely this is for your eyes only. Tom Nelly captured the friendship between two notorious icons in the 80s hardcore punk era, but of course some of the stories are not really happened or maybe exaggerated (as they didn’t fall in love each other!). Click here to buy from Microcosm Publishing (be quick coz this is already the second printing!)


At last, i finally made my own xeroxed zine. When i was in high school i somehow managed to make my own zine along with my brother, but somehow we couldn’t make it due to some problems. Then after all these years i decided to grab some papers, markers, scissors, glue, and a whole lotta ideas. Then Voila! the first issue is coming out! For the first issue, i made only 20 copies but of course i can reprint it if there is a demand. Be sure to contact me if you are interested. Its 20-page long and contains the interview with Doddy Hamson from Komunal, Ghaust, and few articles and reviews! We are Children of the Horn!!!!


At last, after several months inside the womb, Seringai’s early year documentation DVD will see the daylight. Official release due date is March 2010, but you can catch the DVD up earlier on February 28. There will be meet and greet the members at HOWLING WOLF ROCKSHOP. But remember, it is only one day. So once you miss this out, this will haunt you to the grave. First pressing is limited to 300 copies and this won’t last long…


After won 8 Oscar Nominations for his latest Nazi-massacre-movie Inglorious Basterds, the “Inglorious” still reigning the glorious days after teamed up with SA Studios Global’s Film Marketing Division , Upper Playground and The Weinstein Company to present, THE LOST ART OF INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.

The exhibition aimed to raise the fund for Haiti Relief featuring some artworks done by glorious artists such as Alex Pardee, David Choe, Estevan Oriol, and so forth. On February 18th, 2010 from 6p – 9p the world will get to preview and purchase the “Lost Art of Inglorious Basterds” at The Upper Playground Art Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.  All proceeds from this program will be donated to The American Red Cross to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Here are some of the artworks available.


The cockney fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, is probably one of young talented fashion designers with bold and groundbreaking fashion sense. His death on Thursday (2/11) was a shocking and terrible news to hear of. The unique and flamboyant designer who had won the British Designer of the Year for four times was reported committed suicide at the age of 40 in his home in central London. “This is a sad day to all who loved him around the world.” Naomi Campbell said to her publicist.


Celebrating the Return of the Metal Triumvirate

Well, the title above sounded too exaggerated, I admit it, but all I remember is the philosophy “bombastic title steals the attention”. Attention means high rating and circulation. So here we are now, I hope the title can really describe the whole content of this writing. Actually, the word “Return” on the title above is not appropriate since this band is never going anywhere. They don’t sleep and still reigning the land of stoner doom metal. We are talking about High on Fire.

It’s no longer a secret that on 23rd of February, California’s High on Fire will officially release their fifth studio album entitled Snakes for the Divine. Then, all major online music stores have featured their album as “pre-order”. High on Fire brought changes toward their newest album except for their cover artist which is still handed to Arik Roper – their long time favorite artist who did their previous album covers.

Snakes for the Divine is released under E1 Music that is probably not too familiar for most metalheads if we compared it to giant’s lair Relapse Records. Controversy then emerged. The producer, Greg Fidelman, who also produced Slayer’s World Painted Blood, is claimed to be unable to handle High on Fire’s visionary materials although the members refused to comment further about this.

Their 2007’s Death is This Communion so far is their “sign of maturity” especially for Matt Pike who has been “in doom” for many years. Jack Endino was pointed to be the “executor” of the magnum opus since Blessed Black Wings was released. And we are all agree with that. Death is This Communion is their epic sophomore.

If Death is This Communion is their peak of exhibiting skills and ability to “mix and matching” many musical elements, then Snakes for the Divine is their turning point where Pike is trying to go back to where they belong with lyrics about ancient wars. Their first single for Snakes for the Divine had been officially released under entitled Frost Hammer. Their live performances that cover this track have been around in Youtube since 2009 and gained high ratings and thousands “view” numbers. Frost Hammer is enriched with classic riffs and breakneck drumming speed in vein of old Slayer, Celtic Frost, and early Hellhammer. This formula is still the best and lethal.

Despite all the “banned and curses” from the so-called die hard fans. We should not take those things into consideration if you called yourself a true metalhead. 2 years in the studio is not merely short times and High on Fire really did their best, well at least they tried to do the best. Snakes for the Divine contains 8 tracks that will bring you to the ancient metal riffs to commemorate the glory years of stoner doom. No bullshit groovy breaks, just crude tribal drumming and SAVAGE Cro-Magnon riffs.

Prepare yourself and your pocket and start counting down to the release date. I’d love to pre-order now, but I prepare myself for Grief – And the Man Will Become the Hunted LP because it is limited to 666 copies. So I think I’ll pick Snakes…sometime.